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Ashley Burgess

Hubspot Specialist

There isn’t a HubSpot question Ashley can’t answer. A mastermind at using technology to solve complicated business puzzles, she is constantly strategizing new ways to support sales, marketing, and service efforts through the HubSpot CRM. 

In Their Own Words

coffee mug

Go-To Coffee Order

I love a London Fog on a dreary day, but if you ever see me turn down coffee, be prepared to shoot on sight because that's clearly an imposter!r!

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Home Base: Memphis, TN

I love Memphis! There are so many wonderful little shops and restaurants around town. A perfect Memphis day for me would include plant shopping at Golden Hour, dinner at Good Fortune Co., and a concert at the Memphis Botanic Garden!

5 Saucy Things

You Should Know About Me

  • I could live on iced coffee. Pizza is a close second.
  • I have a rescue dog named Chris Farley (he was too clumsy to be called Ferris Bueller).
  • I've seen the band Phish 50 times and counting.

  • I love a good road trip, especially if I'm traveling to see a concert!
  • I'm crazy good at parallel parking.

Ashley at a concert with husband