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Millie Stewart

Success Manager

Millie is the one who keeps us all moving - so the Sauce doesn't burn! She’s the point person for communication, employee experience, and an all-around empower-er of people. Client success and Team Sauce run on her organizational skills and crystal clear communication. She’s also our resident style icon and serves constant #fashiongoals.

In Their Own Words

coffee mug

Go-To Coffee Order

2 shots of espresso, oat milk, brown sugar, topped with a little cinnamon and absolutely no ice!

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Home Base: Memphis, TN

My favorite local spots are the Made in Memphis Market Pop-Up, all the local plant shops, and the Five-In-One Social Club. I also love going to the Farmer's Market, trying out ice cream shops, exploring any place that has karaoke nights, and walking around the Memphis Zoo with my family.

5 Saucy Things

You Should Know About Me

  • I don't hoard, but I have a few collections of: polished stones, coins and currency from around the world, license plates, and insects.

  • I was born in the Philippines, have lived on Guam, Washington (state), Missouri, Mississippi, Florida, North Dakota, New Jersey, and Tennessee.
  • Unexpected hobby: Fishing (wish I could get back into it).

  • I love a good DIY project that involves power tools.

  • At a party, you’ll usually hear me about my favorite thrift store finds, what music I’ve been listening to, and food.
millie playing guitar