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Shawn Karol Sandy

Chief Revenue Officer

As the resident superwoman, Shawn serves up serious salespower, specializing in finding savvy solutions to solve every kind of problem businesses face. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table—and not just because she’s the Chief Revenue Officer. From marketing to sales, operations, production she’s seen every angle of business, and knows what makes it tick. Shawn brings sharp focus for identifying opportunities and coaching players to grow and improve to all facets of revenue growth for clients. Her signature sauce is humor, which means talking dollars and cents is a lot more fun when Shawn is on the call.

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In Their Own Words

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Home Base: Collierville, TN

As someone who’s always plunging toward my next big adventure, I love that I’m so close to the airport. I’m just a quick flight from surfing in Costa Rica, glamping in Baja, snorkeling with sea pups in the Espiritu Santos Archipelago, or taking on a hiking trail in Utah. 

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Go-To Coffee Order

I'm the "we have food at home" person, so I rarely ever order coffee out (I see why you always said, "no" to McDonald's, Mom). At home, I start my day with a rich and foamy cup of Nespresso (did you know that it does NOT come with George Clooney?! False advertising), add in my collagen protein, and top it off with International Delight's French Vanilla Creamer—because nothing else tastes quite right. Average Cost: $1.82 per cup. You see why they put me in charge of our profitability, right?

5 Saucy Things

You Should Know About Me

  • I love to do handstands and cartwheels. If there’s space, watch out! My goal is to do a handstand or cartwheel every day so I never CAN'T do one.
  • I'm an artist. If you create art—even if it’s just for you—you're an artist! I paint with watercolor and acrylics. I do it for me and then give it away but do sell some to pay for my habit, er, craft...
  • I hate Disney World. Happiest place on earth? I think NOT. I'd rather eat nails. Don't make me go there again.
  • I'm writing a book about taking risks. It drives me insane to see women and girls, in particular, avoid taking risks and losing out on promotions, pay, experiences, or opportunities. It really pisses me off. Coming to a bookstore in 202(?) - "Brave Betty's Guide to Taking Risks and Disrupting the Status Quo.

  • At a party, you’ll usually hear me talk about travel. I love adventure travel - the stuff that makes people get butterflies in their stomach. I've been rappelling down waterfalls in Belize and Costa Rica, white water rafting in several countries, and surfed - mostly in Central America. Up next, is paragliding in Ecuador and snorkeling in The Galapagos Islands. Also on my radar, the Philippines, Patagonia and Scandinavia.
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