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Shea Brown

Story Strategist

Combining her creativity with data analytics, Shea ensures the messages and visual elements of Sauce strategies are implemented and executed to reach goals - both for Sauce as well as clients. She has that curious cross-brain ability that balances ideas and innovation with strategic analysis to keep improving results.

In Their Own Words

coffee mug

Go-To Coffee Order

Bucking the trend here! No coffee, tea, or soft drinks for me! Water. Just good  ole plain water. AHHHH!

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Home Base: Memphis, TN

I'm a 3rd generation Memphian. Living in this city my entire life, my family has roots in many Memphis events (like BBQ fest) and places and I'm loving learning more about the history of this city and my family's place in it.

5 Saucy Things

You Should Know About Me

  • For 10 years, I rode horses and competed - earning 1st place in the nation in my division. 
  • I love to cook and my style is most like Paula Deen. Mo' butter mo' better, y'all!
  • BookTok is the best! I love to read and find the best books from recommendations of others.

  • I am a scrappy and enterprising person! I've had a full time job - even in college. 
  • Social media is such a fun tool to showcase your personality. I love creating reels and posts that capture the culture or innovation of my team and our business.

shea smiling holding son in front of house