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Wendy Sumner Winter

Senior Growth Strategist

As Senior Growth Strategist, Wendy is the production team captain who steers Team Sauce to find smart, intuitive, data-backed solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. Her specialty is uncovering solutions that are as creative as they are effective, and identifying the right people to perform strategic implementation.

In Their Own Words

coffee mug

Coffee Order

At home I'm a pour-over girl. When I go to a coffee shop I'm just a house drip girl.

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Home Base:
Memphis, TN

I'm a Midtown Memphian (Cooper Young, to be exact) through and through. I love the walkability of my neighborhood where I can stroll down to get locally brewed beer, see killer live music, enjoy a wide variety of culinary experiences, and where I wouldn't be surprised to run into a dude riding a unicycle wearing a tiara with a monkey on his shoulder (true story!).

5 Saucy Things

You Should Know About Me

  • I once hitchhiked by myself across the Netherlands.

  • I love old school punk music.

  • I've been known to give myself a black eye while sitting in a chair.

  • I have a ratchi (Rat Terrier/Chihuahua) and a Sharpei/Lab that bring me much joy and a lot of annoyance.

  • At a party, you'll most likely hear me talk about politics, my kids, and books.

wendy with her family