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MOR Website General Orthopaedic Services

"Sauce helped our visibility online with an outstanding website that builds credibility and differentiates us from others in the area."

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MOR gets an update

Midsouth Orthopaedic Rehab exists to help patients feel better faster. MOR is a private practice physical therapy clinic specializing in orthopaedics. While their old site explained who they are, it lacked a clean look and engaging interface. It wasn't mobile friendly and didn't really communicate their unique position in the marketplace. While most practices like their focus to be on keeping patients coming back for as many visits as possible, MOR's focus is for patients to find relief and healing in as few visits as possible. David and his team even equip patients with movements they can do on their own which allows MOR patients to continue experiencing less pain and increased ability to move. 

MOR Website Services

The Problem 

While MOR’s branding is solid, their website left a lot to be desired from both potential clients and the Midsouth Orthopaedic staff. Before our rebuild, MOR’s site was slow and clunky, unable to provide an online experience worthy of their award-winning practice.

The Goal

MOR called on Sauce to build a new, clean website that allows users  to find what they are looking for easily and digitally communicates the unique experience provided by MOR. Now, their site is eye-catching, engaging and gives them the chance to connect with more people who need physical therapy that produces results!

The Results

A beautiful new website that provides an excellent user experience and tells the MOR brand story. While baseline SEO isn't an aggressive SEO tactic, it is important because it allows the MOR site to be indexed by Google and regarded in a positive way. Overall the goal of this engagement was to make a brochure site look awesome, function better and reduce the amount of friction users experience in their journey to find the information they are looking for. MOR owner, David Grigsby's testimonial below really says it all...
The scope of this project included:
  • Website Design & Development
  • Baseline SEO
  • Blog Setup
  • Conversion Integration
Image of MOR Website Injured Worker Program on a computer
"Being visible and credible is very important to my private practice. With thirteen orthopaedic physical therapy practices within a 10-mile radius of my practice, we definitely need to stand out and be visible online as those struggling with pain and movement limitations look for the best help.  Sauce Marketing has helped us not only be visible online with an outstanding website but also helped us build credibility and helped us differentiate ourselves from others in the area with the content on our site. They have also helped us capture the essence of our practice on our website so potential and current patients can see what makes us different and how we can best help them! I am grateful for the work that Sauce Marketing has done and continues to do for our practice."
DavidG Square

David Grigsby 
Owner, Midsouth Orthopaedic Rehab