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Neurosource Website Case Study

Rebrand & Growth Go Hand In Hand!

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MINI makes a change

At NeuroSource, formerly MINI (Memphis Integral Neurofeedback Institute), people suffering from neurological conditions can find relief, without taking dangerous medication. PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Dementia, Depression, Autism, sleep issues–these are all serious conditions that can take a toll on a person’s life, and the lives of those who love them. NeuroSource can aid in reducing the impact all these conditions have on you or your loved one's life.

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The Problem

The treatments NeuroSource offers are changing lives! The problem was that not enough people knew about it. The experts at NeuroSource needed Sauce’s help to educate their audience about neurofeedback and to spread the word that these services exist and they are valid, research-backed alternatives to psychotropic medications that can have dangerous and debilitating side effects. To add to the challenge of educating their audience, there are many imposters offering seemingly similar, yet ineffective services. The experts at NeuroSource needed a strategy to make sure their message and their services were communicated clearly & creatively, and in a way that cuts through the clutter (and imposters) to reach those in need of their help.

The Goal

The NeuroSource team needed a solid strategy, as well as a full rebrand because Memphis Integral Neurofeedback Institute is a mouthful! We took NeuroSource’s key stakeholders through a Simmer Session, our strategic branding and on-boarding process, to identify their target audience, differentiators, goals and brand promise. This process resulted in a new name and tagline as well as a clear understanding of who they are and who they’re trying to reach.
Neurosource Website Mobile Optimized

The Result

We designed a new logo for them, procured their new domain and turned it all over to them for an in-house staff member to create their new website. After a few months, NeuroSource’s new site was finished, but the result wasn’t what they had hoped for, and they once again called on Sauce to build a website that responds correctly, is laid out consistently, and offers opportunities for conversion.

  • Simmer Session
  • Website Design & Development
  • Blog & Newsletter Integration
  • Headshots & Storyshots
  • Graphic Design

Better Brain.
Better Life.

Neurosource Logo on Door
"We worked with Sauce to help us with our rebranding and they built our website. They are energetic, creative and fun to work with and they provide high quality service. We highly recommend Sauce to spice up your business!"
neurosource owner lee ann foster

Lee Ann Foster
Co-Owner, NeuroSource