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Effective Design Enhances User-Experience for Both Visitors and In-House Creators

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St. Louis goes new school

St. Louis Catholic School has a lot to offer their students, but that wasn’t being best represented on their website. The lack of user-friendly design was a pain-point for parents looking to stay informed and prospective parents wishing to learn more about St. Louis and its programs but that was only half of the problem. The other half? The previous web developer was no longer around. Consequently, the school was left struggling to maintain and update a site that was both confusing to navigate and difficult to edit.

St Louis Catholic School

The Problem

St. Louis Catholic School was already an expert at delivering information about their academic programming, stellar athletics, and abundant extracurriculars. They just needed a better way to display it to their readers and to have a system that allowed the staff to update the site with monthly changes.

The Goal

We knew St. Louis Catholic School was an asset to the Memphis community, so it was our goal to make their online presence reflect that. Restructuring their site map and clarifying navigation was a crucial component for their readers; cleaning up behind the scenes and developing a system that made it easy for monthly updates was equally important for their faculty and staff.

The Result

We built a brand new website fully equipped with easily accessible information, smooth navigation, and a visually-stunning array of storyshots that represented the heart of the school. We ensured it was user-friendly for both visitors of the site and those who would be updating it behind the scenes by walking the web managers through on-page editing and blog post creating.

  • Blog & Conversion Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • HubSpot Set Up
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design & Development
st louis catholic school website on tablet
“Working with Sauce was like adding a team of experts to our staff! Their professionalism, creativity, and knowledge of: websites, search engine optimization, and using the web to enhance our marketing efforts exceeded my expectations. Working with Sauce was a fun learning experience for our team that resulted in a beautiful final product that truly serves the needs of our customers.”

Kim Pesce
Marketing Director, St. Louis Catholic School