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Signet Storyshot Signet Branded Merch

Team Signet + Team Sauce = Success!

Signet Logo

Signet makes their mark

Signet, Inc is THE place to go when you’re looking for swag aka, promotional products. To go along with their new website, they hired Team Sauce to capture great photos that sneak a peek behind the scenes and tell the Signet story. They’re not just peddling pens and slapping logos on flash drives; they’re creating full lines of custom branded products for major brands, setting up pop up shops and getting things done. We learned about kitting and collation on this job – one of the many process we had the opportunity to capture. While we didn’t create their logo or tagline, we’re loving their encouragement to “Make Your Mark!”

photo of Signet Team Exchanging Branded Products - digital marketing

The Problem

Signet needed a beautiful site that could be managed and added to by their in-house team. They also needed photos to go along with their new site. 


The Goal

Our goal was to build Signet a new website that allows their in-house team to make edits and can grow with them as they need to make additions. As a part of making their new website effective at telling their story, we aimed to shoot beautiful, brand appropriate storyshots to use on their website and beyond. 

Signet Client Branded Products

The Result

Our relationship with Signet began by taking all-new photos of their headquarters, products, team in action, and new headshots of their leadership team. It could be said that the crew at Signet specializes in making things happen, additionally, capturing the magic as it happens has been a specialty of ours for a long time. From sales meetings to client greetings and everything in between, we captured photos of the process, progress and fun that make Signet, Inc so successful at what they do!

Next, Signet engaged with Sauce to re-create their existing website design with a more user-friendly backend, which enabled their in-house team the ability to manage and make changes to their own content. Ongoing, we are able to support them in this endeavor by hosting their site and making any changes to the content when their in-house team needs a little expert help.

  • Website Rebuild
  • Photography- Headshots & Storyshots

Full Lines Of Custom Branded Products For Major Brands


“Sauce made this project so easy.  The photoshoots were so much fun and I am truly pleased with our website!”

Elizabeth Tate
CEO, Signet, Inc.